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How Do You Season Your Red Copper Pan – Beginners Guide

Some people see cooking as a stress reliever, hobby and some do it regularly. Whatever the purpose is cooking inappropriate cookware is something else. As we know, cooking is a kind of art and doing it properly make us happy.

Some people do not like cooking in non-stick ceramic cookware. You may be thinking of buying copper cookware which you saw in commercials. They are pretty popular with its impressive ability to keeping food from sticking while cooking.

It creates a problem when you are going to use, and from testing it, you don’t seem to like it. It happens because you don’t know the proper way of seasoning.

In this article, we are going to give a guide to season your red copper pan.

Seasoning Before Using

Before you go using the red copper pan, you need to season it properly. The steps to seasoning the red copper pan is quite easy and simple. These steps will guide you:

  1. At first, you need to wash the red copper pans. It is necessary to treat your new kitchen cookware well. Wash it with warm water and soap.
  2. Then cleaning it gently, put your pans on medium heat. Don’t keep it more than two minutes on heat. Overdoing it will damage the rep copper pan. And remember that you have bought it and it is a prized possession.
  3. Then put vegetable oil or olive oil on it — about 2 to 3 tablespoon oil. Copper pan does not need much oil. You can also use flexed oil.
  4. Spread the oil all over the pan gently from the inner surface to the lower end of the sides. Don’t do it quickly; do it gently and slowly. And you know it very satisfying to do that.
  5. Let the oil heat and sizzle a bit.
  6. After that turn of the heat. And leave out your pan to cool off.
  7. Then comes the important part. Drain away all the extra oil of the pan and wipe the interior surface clean. Do not wash it. It is the main part which makes the red copper pan non-stick. So, clean it with a cotton cloth without washing.
  8. And that’s how you get the best seasoning red copper pan ready to start cooking.

Cleaning After Use

You don’t clean the red copper pan with steel wool or any other rough pads. You can use paper towel beside cotton cloth to wipe out the oil.

Put the hot pan in cold water after using it. It will let the pan to cool down fast. This will produce crack the retainment, and it will be easier to clean off.

According to the manufacturers, it is wise to wash the red copper pan in the dishwasher or just use warm soapy water to clean it.

But, in our opinion (which is just that – an opinion) you should avoid using soap or the dishwasher to clean your red copper pan, similar to the way you care for a cast iron pan. You want some of the residual oil that has soaked in just below the cooking surface to aid in the non-stickiness of it.

Even a surface that seems flat to the human eye or touch isn’t on a microscopic level. The oil fills all of those spaces making it truly non-stick. If it does get cleaned with soap for whatever reason, it’s not a big deal – but it’s a good idea to re-season the pan in that event.

It is better to clean the red copper pan in the dishwasher instead of washing with soap. Care for red copper pan should be just the way you care for cast iron pans.


It is wiser to re-season your red copper pans every 6 months. To use it at its optimal level re-seasoning is an important task. But if you see the seasoning is diminishing quickly re-season it. To re-season it, follow the same steps except washing it with warm water and soap.

Seasoning in Oven

You can also season your copper pan in the oven too.

  • Don’t put the copper pan inside the oven before preheating — Preheat the oven at 300-degree Fahrenheit (149 degree Celsius). Preheat will take about 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Then follow the same process washing it with warm soapy water and cleaning it with a soft cloth or paper towel. Then add oil in it.
  • Place the pan inside the preheated oven for 20 minutes. If you see that smoke is coming out before passing 5 minutes, remove the pan from oven.
  • At last, removing it from oven follow the same step of cleaning it with a paper towel or cotton towel.

Things You Can Use with it

It is better not to use metal utensils with red copper pans if you want them to last long. The metal utensils like knives, spoons, and spatula. Also, refrain from chopping or cutting in the copper pan.

Any kind of scratch and chip will ruin the non-stick surface and performance of the pan.


All the tips and suggestions suggested above will help give you the best results with your red copper pan. If you need more help, you can do more research and know everything you else need to.

Kitchen Decoration Ideas – Within Your Tight Budge

The individual/s responsible for cooking in the house has/have to spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen. Hence, it is imperative that the kitchen has a nice décor as that ensures good morale.

Now, the decoration of any room usually costs a significant amount of money. But, by reading this article, you will certainly get a clear idea as to how to decorate your kitchen with a tight budget.

The list of items to decorate your kitchen while you have a tight budget includes do-it-yourself and paper towel holder, custom-built cutting board, neon containers, and a colored clock.

Custom-Made Cutting Board

The cutting boards that are usually used in household kitchens are usually designed in a minimalist way. What you can do is, say goodbye to those bald boards and make a board of your liking out of any kind of wood.

After procuring the wood, start spilling out your innate creativity/imagination on to the piece of wood. Apply all the colors that you want to use. Treat the wood like it is your canvas. After you are done with the designing, cut the design out.

Then, level the edges of the wood and rub in some oil and you will have your custom-made cutting board.

Do-It-Yourself Towel Holder

Conventional towel holders are not nearly as mesmerizing as ‘do-it-yourself’ or simply, ‘DIY’ towel holders. By making a towel holder on your own, you will be able to give it a shape that you love very easily.

All you need to do is, get a piece of brass rod and bend it accordingly to give it your desired shape. Point to be noted, the easiest shape that you can give the rod is the triangular shape.

Colored Clock

Do you know what is better than a regular plain clock with no visually appealing colors? A colored clock. And you can make a colored clock using some simple things like – spoons, a piece of wood, and a clock kit.

First, color the spoons with your desired colors. Secondly, color all the hour areas by using craft paint. Thirdly, make a hole in the central point by drilling. Then, attach the clock kit and lastly, stick the spoons using glue. 

Neon Containers

The easiest way to decorate a room is by adding as much color as possible. Neon containers will help you to do so. Once you have neon string, storage jars, tape or, glue, you will be all set to make the containers.

Start by choosing a color combination of your liking. After that, join a piece of string to the container and start enfolding it around firmly. Once you’re finished with the particular color, apply some glue. Snip off the string and continue the process with another color.

Paper Towel Holder

Another type of towel that you can use instead of conventional towels is paper towel holders. To do so, you need a piece of wood and a copper pipe.

Firstly, think about the size and shape in which you want the holder. Secondly, make a hole at the central area of the wood by using a drill and ensure the fitting of the pipe (whether it fits or not).

Lastly, add some glue and let it dry out for a couple of hours.


As you can see from the above-mentioned items, all of them are handmade objects. The greatest way to save money while also decorating an interior to your liking requires some creative handiwork by your own hands. If you can do so, you will be able to decorate your kitchen with a limited/tight budget.

Ceramic vs. Teflon Cookware – Which One to Choose from and Why?

Once you have decided to go to the market for buying nonstick cookware, you will see that some companies or, brands are being very chatty/showy about the kind of coating that they have used while some companies are not.

Remember this: all the catchy tags that some companies use to describe their coatings are merely for marketing purposes.

There are only two types of nonstick cookware evident in the market right now – and Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), commonly known as ‘Teflon’ and Ceramic. The only dilemma that you should be facing while buying nonstick cookware is, ‘Teflon’ or, ‘Ceramic? This write-up will help you to decide.

Ceramic Cookware

Ceramic cookware is the ‘new thing’ that everyone is excited about. The general perception of this type of cookware is that it is eco-friendly and safe to use as it is not comprised of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) but ceramic coatings.

Also, since the coating is ceramic, there is always the option of choosing from a wide variety of colors and shape.

Though some people say that ceramic is not as lasting as Teflon, it is not necessarily the case. If you are someone who cooks using only cooking spray or oil, you will find your cookware dead, regardless of the materials used to make them.

It is imperative to clean off all the cooking oil every time you cook using oil. But do not scrub the cookware in a rash manner. If you do so, your nonstick cookware will not be ‘nonstick’ anymore. So, to sum up, do not use oil for cooking. If you have to, then clean your cookware with white vinegar afterward.

Significant development has been seen in the qualities of ceramic cookware throughout the years. The producers/manufacturers are using a greater amount of ceramic for the coating, developing their overall features.

Look out for the newer ceramic cookware available in the market. You will find some high-quality cookware.

Teflon Cookware (PTFE)

PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is what you would call the “vintage” one. PTFE coated cookware became famous when the brand ‘Teflon’ came to being. Majority of the people and the marketers believe that Teflon is more long-lasting than that of ceramic which, as stated previously, is not necessarily true.

Furthermore, many doubts have been raised questioning whether PTFE is safe to use as the coating may crumble and emit harmful gases when overheated.

As long as you know how to use PTFE properly, you will be able to use it without any possibility of health hazard. If you are cooking on a stove, you can go as high as 260-degree Celsius and in case of an oven, approximately 177-degree Celsius.

If you happen to have a bird in your home, do not use PTFE cookware at all as birds have a severe reaction to PTFE fumes. To be completely sure, check out the maximum temperature recommended by the manufacturers.

You may have some environmental concerns while using PTFE cookware. What you can do in that case is to avoid buying cookware sets made using PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic Acid).

Teflon, along with other major manufacturers of PTFE cookware has agreed with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to completely stop the usage of PFOA.

Which One Do You Go for?

There are all kinds of ceramic and Teflon cookware to choose from. They are both equally affordable, and as it has been mentioned before, they get affected by the same things, cooking spray/oil. So, it comes down to your priorities.

If you want to be eco-friendly, go for the ceramic cookware. If you want to go for durability, the ‘supposedly more durable’ PTFE cookware is what you should go for.


No matter what you go for, you have to remember that maintenance is the key to ensure the longevity of your cookware. The longer they last, the better you are bound to feel about it.