Kitchen Decoration Ideas – Within Your Tight Budge

The individual/s responsible for cooking in the house has/have to spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen. Hence, it is imperative that the kitchen has a nice décor as that ensures good morale.

Now, the decoration of any room usually costs a significant amount of money. But, by reading this article, you will certainly get a clear idea as to how to decorate your kitchen with a tight budget.

The list of items to decorate your kitchen while you have a tight budget includes do-it-yourself and paper towel holder, custom-built cutting board, neon containers, and a colored clock.

Custom-Made Cutting Board

The cutting boards that are usually used in household kitchens are usually designed in a minimalist way. What you can do is, say goodbye to those bald boards and make a board of your liking out of any kind of wood.

After procuring the wood, start spilling out your innate creativity/imagination on to the piece of wood. Apply all the colors that you want to use. Treat the wood like it is your canvas. After you are done with the designing, cut the design out.

Then, level the edges of the wood and rub in some oil and you will have your custom-made cutting board.

Do-It-Yourself Towel Holder

Conventional towel holders are not nearly as mesmerizing as ‘do-it-yourself’ or simply, ‘DIY’ towel holders. By making a towel holder on your own, you will be able to give it a shape that you love very easily.

All you need to do is, get a piece of brass rod and bend it accordingly to give it your desired shape. Point to be noted, the easiest shape that you can give the rod is the triangular shape.

Colored Clock

Do you know what is better than a regular plain clock with no visually appealing colors? A colored clock. And you can make a colored clock using some simple things like – spoons, a piece of wood, and a clock kit.

First, color the spoons with your desired colors. Secondly, color all the hour areas by using craft paint. Thirdly, make a hole in the central point by drilling. Then, attach the clock kit and lastly, stick the spoons using glue. 

Neon Containers

The easiest way to decorate a room is by adding as much color as possible. Neon containers will help you to do so. Once you have neon string, storage jars, tape or, glue, you will be all set to make the containers.

Start by choosing a color combination of your liking. After that, join a piece of string to the container and start enfolding it around firmly. Once you’re finished with the particular color, apply some glue. Snip off the string and continue the process with another color.

Paper Towel Holder

Another type of towel that you can use instead of conventional towels is paper towel holders. To do so, you need a piece of wood and a copper pipe.

Firstly, think about the size and shape in which you want the holder. Secondly, make a hole at the central area of the wood by using a drill and ensure the fitting of the pipe (whether it fits or not).

Lastly, add some glue and let it dry out for a couple of hours.


As you can see from the above-mentioned items, all of them are handmade objects. The greatest way to save money while also decorating an interior to your liking requires some creative handiwork by your own hands. If you can do so, you will be able to decorate your kitchen with a limited/tight budget.