Costly Kitchen Remodelling Mistakes that You Should Avoid

Costly Kitchen Remodelling Mistakes that You Should Avoid

kitchen is a home’s food supplier. It is such an integral part of our lives that it never fails to represent love and care. Kitchens don’t always have to be pretty, but a nicely furnished and resourceful kitchen makes the feeling of cooking and hanging out with family more fun!

Remodeling kitchen is a huge project with a lot of variables to consider, so making mistakes is common. Kitchen remodeling is not something to be approached rashly. Therefore, after you have decided that you will be remodeling your kitchen, try to meet with a pro.

Making ideas by yourself sounds fun but is not very wise in case of kitchen remodeling. An expert will listen to your ideas and can plan the execution smoothly and more perfectly.

Things to Consider First

There are many variables that you have to consider before you start with the process of kitchen remodeling. Designing a new kitchen can be exciting and overwhelming. There is always an urge to just jump to the remodeling process, but take your time to consider the following things.

How You’ll Use the Space

Most ideas generally come from the pictures you see on the internet or Pinterest. You have to remember that you are not using those kitchens. Pictures on the internet with huge islands, granite countertops, and professional-looking walls do deserve the admiration they get, but you should consider your options.

Instead of following the internet trends, consider how you and your family will actually use the space. Try to make it as convenient as possible.

However, every family has certain habits, maybe your kids do their homework in the kitchen. In that case, you would want a huge counter or a desk there. Make the design around your habits and lifestyle.

Choose the Layout

Before you start buying things for remodeling, choose your layout. To make sure that your new kitchen is amazingly functional, hire a contractor to help you to develop a layout. Preview the layout before making any purchases.

Consider Electricity and Lighting

Make sure about the position of the lights and wires, so you know where to put your furniture and it doesn’t block the lights. Try to imagine yourself working in the kitchen while considering where to add lighting.

Make a Step-By-Step Strategy

A step-by-step plan always helps to execute it better. Kitchen remodeling is a big change and a huge investment. It’s also a lot of work. Formulating a plan will make it easier and faster!

Mistakes to Avoid

Remodeling anything or making a plan about anything is a complex process. It includes a lot of work and a lot of people. Mistakes are bound to happen, but if you stay careful, you can just avoid the major ones.

Neglect Your Budget

On average, kitchen remodeling costs thousands. So you need to be cautious with your purchases. As you design your dream kitchen, try to make a list of things.

Divide the list into two sections, a mandatory list and a wishlist. Then check the price of your desired objects in the list and compare them to your budget.

This list will help you to have a clear idea of where to invest your money and on which sector to save.

Forget Storage Consideration

Kitchens are often very overstuffed and cluttered. A kitchen is not considered a storage place only. Sometimes people regard the kitchen for cooking equipment and the furniture, but more than often forget about the space they need to store their food products, frying pans and other cookwares.

In that case, if you are remodeling, make sure to consider having storage space in your kitchen. The storage option must be both functional and stylish.

Likes ie, the first thing you should do is stock up and measure how much food products you need to store. Be thorough about regular and occasional products. Calculatedly decide how you can store them by using the smallest amount of space.

Choose Mainstream or Boring

Don’t play it too safe with color and furniture. Return on investment or how much you can profit after you sell your house is a common topic among people who are considering a kitchen remodel. An updated kitchen is a top priority for most buyers.

Accordingly, don’t choose your style based on the mainstream designs thinking that irrelevant of your selling or not. Add a little personality to your kitchen and try to make it a happy place for you and your family. Your visitors and neighbors won’t live at your home or use your kitchen. So make your choices a priority in this case.

The sky is the limit when it comes to designs. Choose a colorful statement countertop or a flower-patterned shelf design. Make your kitchen an embodiment of your personality. Think about adding cute lights and sheds, or using a patterned rug to make your kitchen feel homey.

Do It Yourself

Always hire an expert for remodeling anything. It might seem easy to imagine your kitchen a certain way, but executing the imagination is a whole different story. Hire a good contractor. A good contractor comes with all the other good specialists you will need. Remodeling a kitchen requires designers, plumbers, architects, and electricians.

Obviously, you won’t know all of these people, but a good contractor will. Hiring a contractor who will understand your idea and your budget will make your work a whole lot easier. Make sure they are licensed, ask for evidence. You can oversee and monitor them, but doing it all on your own is a huge mistake.

Make Payments Whenever

Always establish a payment plan with your contractor. Pay no more than 10% upfront. Pay according to finished work and based on time. This will accelerate the process. Do not pay the balance before completion.

The contractor might be your friend or someone you know. Skilfully propose to them the payment system. Always keep an invoice so you have proof and it also helps to keep track.


Kitchen remodeling is an overwhelming yet exciting project. The moment you are done with it, you will experience happiness just by looking at it. Give the extra effort and run the extra mile for your kitchen while remodeling.