Fish Cutting Accessories – You Must Need

Whether you are a professional chef or an amateur culinary practitioner, you need some tools or accessories for fish cutting purposes.

Now, choices vary from person to person. Geographical factor also determines some specific tools for cutting or carving fish. In most places, a fillet knife or a normal knife is used for cutting fish across the world.

There are also some electrical blades and knives available in the market. These knives help you in a smooth and efficient filleting all the way through. But you need some specific tools for removing and cutting some specific parts of a fish body. If you don’t want to disappoint yourself, try to learn some tricks of cutting a fish.

In today’s article, we will be discussing fish cutting accessories and some other information on fish cutting. So, without any further ado, let’s get into the topic.

Some Methods of Fish Processing

  • Fish Filleting

This is one of the most delicate works in fish processing. Removing the bones from the flesh (from backbone and rib cage) is called fish filleting. This process does need special types of knives rather than some traditional or typical knives.

Usually, knives with long, thin and flexible blades with comfortable handles are recommended in this regard.

There are electrical filleting knives available in the present market that help in more smooth and efficient carving through the flesh and skin them to perfection

  • Fish Gutting

Actually, this is the first and foremost step in processing a fish. This method is followed by cutting the belly of the fish and removing the guts from it. A fillet knife is the most suitable tool for this method.

  • Steak Cutting

You can directly cut the fish into steaks instead of filleting it. In this process, firstly cut the head and tail portion of the fish and then cut pieces into your preferable thickness.

Fish Cutting Accessories

There are various kinds of blades and knives available in the market that will help you in cutting your fish. We have gone through studies and collected some of the famous tools that are being used by people across the globe.

Read the following texts carefully to get a detailed idea.

  • Deba

Japanese knife

This is mainly a traditional Japanese knife. Deba knife is mainly used for cutting the head, tail and other outer parts of the fish. You will find this knife very suitable for cutting the hard portion of the body as well as cutting into steaks. It helps in quick chopping for the fact that the blade is thicker near the handles.

A “deba” knife is suitable for both professional and amateur cooking. You can use it in your home and process your fish very quickly. This instrument can also be used cutting or slicing meats of chicken, turkey, etc.

  • Cleaver

A cleaver is famous across Europe as it is their traditional tool for fish cutting and filleting. This knife is mainly rectangular in shape and has maximum sharpness that helps in efficient fish processing. The sharpness is so high that you can even cut bones of big fish. It is durable and designed to last a long time.

You can easily use this tool inside your house. Most of the professional chefs prefer this knife as it can be used in cutting various things at once.

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  • Fillet Knife

This is the perfect knife for processing the fish in any way. Starting from removing the skin and scales to cutting and slicing the flesh, this knife is the epitome of efficiency. A fillet knife is a perfect tool for removing the bones from the flesh.

Whether you are a professional chef or an amateur cook, this tool will give you a taste of effective and suitable carving experience. This knife can be used in both homes and restaurants. Electric fillet knives are found in the present market that increases efficiency by dint of high technology and standard material.

  • Slicer

A slicer is very common in the household as it is very handy and can be used for other purposes. But in the field of fish filleting, this knife is not that efficient and effective than a fillet knife or a cleaver. You can slice the flesh with its long and narrow blade.

Japanese chefs recommend this particular knife to use while cooking Japanese traditional food items.

  • Kitchen Scissors

You cannot depend wholly on a scissor to process your fish since it is no match for a blade. But you can use it to cut some parts of the body very quickly and easily. Some specific body parts of fish as fins, ventral and dorsal have quite strong bones that can be cut using a scissor. You can also use it to remove the guts from the belly.

This instrument can be a good assistant to a fillet or a kitchen knife.

Electric Fillet Knives

Electric Fillet Knives

From our previous discussion, we get the notion that a fillet knife is the most effective way for fish processing. An electric fillet knife is a great tool because it will help you remove flesh from the bones in a few minutes. You just need to hold a firm grip, the rest will be done the knife itself.

You don’t need to give any extra strength as this knife is run by advanced technology motors. This knife comes at a handsome price. You don’t need to fret about wasting your money. It is worth the cost.

Nowadays, people prefer this electric fillet knife as it saves most of the time. After all, time is the most valuable asset.


A kitchen should have the necessary tools and installments that help in perfect cooking. If you want to make a good meal out of fish, then you must need the necessary cutting instruments to give a touch of perfection even before cooking.

Thanks for the patience reading. Adios!