Health Issues with Induction Cooking: Should You Be Worried?

Health Issues with Induction Cooking

Modern conventional cooking requires an exhaust fan to ease out the heat from the kitchen. Moreover, it also needs a fan that will help distribute the heat from the flame in the pot. This is the sort of cooking method we all grew up watching.

But everyone cooks differently. Everyone has their comfort zones, and everyone is divided between conventional cooking and induction cooking.

But induction cooking is a new version of the cooking stove system is winning the heart and minds of the masses faster than a conventional cooking stove system can boil water.

Why Cooking is Important to Many

The principle of cooking, for a long time, has been cooking in a pot which is put on a hot surface. This is still true today. The only difference is the cookware, the cooking stove and the cooking system.

Not everyone in the world loves to cook. But blessed are those and their families, who do. It is the best feeling ever, to those who understand.

We call ourselves human beings, albeit one with a complex musculoskeletal system. However, for “being” the machine that we humans consider ourselves to be, fuel is needed. In this case, the fulfillment of the need of hunger and hydration.

Thus, in the kitchen, not much is left to chance. It is understandable, since the result of the kitchen ends up into our mouths. However, people do often take chances on cookware.

Since the day man invented fire, man learned to cook slowly. This evolution has brought the conventional norms of cooking on a stove. This method required fire which is powered through gas or electricity. It is more widespread in use currently.

However, soon after, the man made another leap. Cue in: Induction stoves. These bad boys not only heat the whole cookware equally it can also control the concise temperatures and hold them if and when required.

What is Induction Cooking?

The evolved version of modern cooking, induction cooking stove. This is an electrically powered stove that cooks in a more energy efficient way. It is also much less complicated to use than a regular conventional stove.

However, there is much debate on the safety of induction cooking stoves. Could it simply be the conservative mind of the human desperately trying to shut down a new idea? Or could it be a well-researched question?

Are your worries justified? Are you concerned for no reason? This article is going to talk about the health effects of the induction cooking system. Hopefully, your questions will be answered.

How Is Safe the Induction Cooking Stove System Itself?

The constant comparisons, blatant misinformation and common misconceptions, that are circulated within that medium, is both unregulated and disorderly. All this makes for a scary thought and fear to be built up within the minds of the common people. What is the truth?

Cooking in an induction stove means you get to avoid the fire and the hot metal coils. There have been accidents due to leaving clothing on the stove. Incidents directly injuring people have also taken place.

This sort of issues cannot take place through an induction cooking stove. The only way someone can get hurt by this sort of stove is if they turn it on and purposefully put body parts on it. I’m sure you are not negligent enough to let that happen.

Most of the heat from the induction cooking stove system goes directly into the cookware, rather than the kitchen. This result is from an experiment conducted by Consumer Reports on the efficiency of the cooking system.

It is deduced in a survey by “Consumer Reports” that an induction cooking stove is 25%-50% more energy efficient. That means you save that much more money behind utility bills. Moreover, this type of stove offers temperature adjustments and control which a conventional cooking stove never can.

However, during cooking on an induction cooking stove, there have been complaints of a faint humming or vibration from the pot. This usually isn’t a big deal but is on hindsight, an annoyance towards the people in the kitchen. It isn’t a big deal but surely a drawback.

Such simple draw backs have cued in a few questions. Questions regarding the safety and the sobriety are also raised. The main cause of alarm if of radiation poisoning.

Induction cooking stove system requires the generation of electro-magnetic energy around it to generate heat and function as a stove. This has caused people to question the existence of radiation poisoning. It has caused a general fear of the product itself.

What is Radiation Sickness?

Radiation sickness is illness and symptoms resulting from excessive exposure to ionizing radiation. It happens when huge doses of radiation are exposed to the human body. It may also happen if a human body is exposed to small doses of radiation for a very long time.

This sort of illness affects the immune system, cardiac system, and the nervous system. It also has adverse effects on the neurobehavioral system of a person. Although unlikely, effects on ocularity, genotoxicity, melatonin production, and epidemiological carcinogenesis may also happen.

What is the Verdict?

As far as scientists are concerned, there is no direct link of radiation sickness with the induction cooking stove system. Neither is anything similar connect to it. Moreover, it was recommended by the scientists since the conventional cooking stove system had the risks of heat stroke and burn injuries to its history.


From the whole discussion above, it is quite easily understood that all the fuss created about the adverse effects of the induction cooking stove system were a hoax. Thus, take a seat and wipe that band of sweat from your forehead. Gosh, stop worrying so much!