How Big Should a Guinea Pig Cage Be?

How Big Should a Guinea Pig Cage Be

Guinea pigs have become quite a common form of pets these days, and so can be seen in many households. Housing guinea pigs can be tricky as one needs to consider several factors while choosing the right cage for them. You’ll find a proper guide on the cage in

How Big Should A Guinea Pig Cage Be?

Now, firstly, decide whether to pick a ready-made cage from the market or make a customized one. Ready-made cages are often not as roomy and airy as required by the guinea pigs and thus may not be the perfect option in this case. Guinea pig cages should be kept in a dry place inside the house close to the family members, although it is better to not put them in the kitchen.

While choosing to house guinea pigs, it is important to make sure that the cages are of the right size as guinea pigs are one of the largest rodents that are kept as pets. Guinea pigs don’t necessarily require huge vertical spaces, the cages would need to be of a height of about 12 to 18 inches.

  • The ideal size

The ideal size for housing one guinea pig is to use a cage of at least 7.5 square feet although it’s always better to have a cage larger than this size to allow it to have enough horizontal space to move about freely. For two to three guinea pigs, the cage should be at least 10.5 square feet and again, the larger the better.

  • Huge Space

Larger cages make it easier to maintain hygiene as they allow compartments to be built such as kitchen areas and can accommodate litter trays. These contribute to keeping the cages clean as guinea pigs usually excrete most in areas where they eat and drink.

Spacious cages enable the dedication of spaces for specific purposes such as kitchen space, storing a box of hay, etc. meaning that these areas can be easily cleaned daily by dumping, thus creating less of a mess and requiring less frequent clean-ups of the entire cage.

Besides being the largest kinds of rodents, guinea pigs also tend to live longer than other kinds of rodents, so a larger living space would provide an improved environment and ensure a longer lifespan.

This species of rodents also requires large spaces with tunnels, hides, piles of hay, etc. to naturally exercise and maintain a healthy habit, making them less prone to be affected by health issues such as bumblefoot, heart problems, diabetes, impaction, etc.

So, to be exact, if you are looking for a cage to house guinea pigs, try to follow the guidelines below and choose the right size of a cage depending on the number of guinea pigs you own.


For one guinea pig, a 7.5 square feet cage (at the minimum) i.e. about 30″ x 36″ would be just about fine while to house two guinea pigs, a cage larger than 7.5 square feet, preferably about 30″ x 50″ is adequate. Three or more guinea pigs would require a 13 square feet cage (at the minimum).