How to Flare a Brake Line With a Flaring Tool?

How to Flare a Brake Line With a Flaring Tool

Solid connections in your brake system are necessary for valid reasons. Why?

During the time of transfer fluid, there is a lot of pressure created on the brake line. So, if the brake line connections are weak or leaked somehow, it causes to decrease the pressure of brake line and allow air into the line.

As a result, you experience a low or hollow brake pedal. It’s not expected at all!

Proper flare a brake line with a good flaring tool can solve these types of issues.

In this article, we’re going to tell you how to flare a brake line with a flaring tool. You can also find more resources about it from many other blogs, like- toolspicks blog

Getting Started!

Measure The Length Of The Brake Line

Before getting started, Measure the length of the brake line first. You can use a measuring tape to do it.

There are a few things to consider during measure the line: size, material and the fitting style you will choose. You can use the same size brake lines both front and rear brakes. It’s recommended for its easy setup system.

Point to be noted that, it’s best to choose one type of fitting because it ensures a leak-proof brake system.

The Cutting Process Of Tubing

Getting a good cut in your tubing ensures a smooth flare. We don’t recommend hacksaw because it leaves burrs or rough edges in the tubing.

So, you must try to collect a tubing cutter to cut your tubing. It’s best for any brake line.

And if you want to achieve a long life for your cutting tool, use a coat of oil on the cutting blade.

Clean Up The Edges

After finish the cut of tubing, you will notice that the tubing hole is compressed and unevenly closed which will not allow a smooth flare.

So, must clear the edges with a reamer before you start flaring. Reamer usually attached to the tubing cutter. If not, collect it for your job.

Smooth-Out Inside Bore Of The Tubing

If you skip this step, the line can crake or split when you try to make the flare.

You can use a cone file to smooth out any uneven metal or burrs on the inside hole of the brake tubing.

Insert The Tubing Into The Flaring Tool

Now, time to enter the tubing into your flaring tool. Lower the cone of the tool down and tighten until it is set in center position over the tube’s end.

After the first flare is ready, inspect it to make sure it is free from cracks or any other defects.

If it is perfect, then your work is done!

In Conclusion

Here we discussed in short how to flare a brake line with a flaring tool. Hope this will useful for you to do your job.