How to Replace Ductless Range Hood Under Cabinet?

How to Replace Ductless Range Hood Under Cabinet

Today we’re taking a look at how to replace your kitchens Rangehood. So you’ve noticed 10 years is enough for your range hood to suffer and now you decided to put them to rest.

Now you’re ready for a much-needed upgrade at your kitchen so let us start.

The Equipments Needed And The How-To

The first thing you want to do is locate the breaker that stops electricity from coming to the range. Because the last thing you want to do ina clear sunny afternoon is to electrify yourself.Always remember that safety is the most important thing and these are the tools that you’re going to need:

  • Philips tip screwdriver a flathead screwdriver or a drill
  • AC voltage detector
  • Electrical tape
  • And of course your newly acquired Range Hood

The first thing we want to do is locate the electrical box on the range hood. Which is usually located next to the fan, we want to go ahead and unscrew the screw that holds it in place and now go ahead remove the box.

Afterward, we’re going to go ahead and double-check with the AC detector that the wires are not live a study by suggests that people often injure themselves whilst handling the electrical so wire up with caution. And when the wires are not live no light nor sound will come from the detector.

If there is electricity on the wire you would hear and see an alarm on the detector and that would alert you that is a no-go. Now that we have noticed that there’s no electricity now we could proceed to disconnect the range hoods wires from the home wiring.

And we always want to remember where each wire was connected at in some particular cases you can have white on white and black on black. Then you want to unscrew the screw that holds the ground wire we can go ahead now and locate the screws that hold the Rangehoodto the wall or to the cabinet and remove them.

The second thing that you want to record is the location of the vent and the location of the hole where the wires pass through. In many cases, you may have the vent in the back and the hole on the top. And this is good to know to create the opening in the same place for the new range hood, now we’re ready to install the new Rangehood.

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Let’s go ahead and remove the damper from the range hood and these are the different locations where your vent can be located at depending on your system we have the rectangular vent for the top though, we also have the cutout for the circular duct located on the top.

And on the top, we have the options for the ductless version but in some cases, it can be located in the rear.

So let’s go ahead and knock out the opening according to your system and let’s go ahead and remove the opening for the wiring as well now let’s go ahead and proceed to remove the electrical box on the new range hood. Now can have access to the wiring and the search for the ground cable.

To Conclude

Place the damper in the correct then open now we’re going to insert the home wiring in the wire opening place the Rangehoodin its final location and screw it to the wall. And the cabinet just as the previous one this might be the part, where you might need an extra hand to hold the Rangehood for you.

Now that we place the Rangehood in its final resting place we can go ahead and school the ground and match the wires according to your system and for extra measure, you may wrap it with a little bit of electrical tape.

So now that you place that Rangehood in your kitchen. There is nothing else to do other than to turn on the breaker and test your job now we replace the electrical box now that mission is accomplished you can pat yourself in the back. Good Luck.