How to Set up a Rabbit Cage?

How to Set up a Rabbit Cage

If you just got yourself a bunny as a pet, firstly you are a very lucky person because now you get to see that little ball of cuteness every day. Secondly, you must be wondering where to keep the rabbit.

If you opt to keep your bunny indoors, a rabbit cage is exactly what you need. And if you happen to be one of those people who want to set up the rabbit cage themselves instead of buying it, here’s a recommended guideline for you.

Essentials of a Rabbit Cage:

Before we learn how to set up the cage, let us first know everything that a rabbit needs inside the cage. If this was a cooking recipe, this is the part where we tell you all the necessary ingredients that you will require.

Hay Box

This one is a no brainer. Your rabbit needs to eat and it needs to eat from something. And that something is a hay box.

Litter Box

You don’t want your rabbit dirtying the cage by littering at random places. So a litter box is an absolute must. It may take a while for your rabbit to get used to the habit of littering in litter boxes, but eventually, it will learn.

Hiding Houses

This one is very important. Rabbits are naturally shy creatures. They don’t like to be exposed to 24/7. So at least two hiding houses are necessary; one offering the bare minimum privacy and the other offering complete privacy.

Otherwise, the rabbit will be overwhelmed and we definitely do not want that.

Some Toys

Some Toys

Now, who doesn’t like toys? You can place some baby chains and wooden blocks in the rabbit cage. These will keep your rabbit occupied and help in alleviating its boredom.

An Exercise Pen

Better known as an X-Pen, this will be used to surround and complete the cage. The measurement depends in the size of the bunny. But in general, you can’t go wrong with a 4-foot wide X-Pen.

Setting up the Rabbit Cage

Now we finally get to the part where we set up the cage (well you do and we tell you what you need to do)

Step 1: Prepare the Flooring

For this you will need to use a lot of soft materials which may include:

  • A roll-out foam mat
  • A vet bed
  • Some memory foam mats
  • Some bed sheets
  • Cage liners

Step 2: Set up the Inside of the Cage

Now that we are done with the flooring, it is time we utilized our aforementioned “ingredients”

  • Place a hay box in a corner of the cage
  • Place at least two litter boxes
  • We talked about having two hiding houses. Place a willow hiding house for minimum privacy and a fleece hiding house for complete privacy
  • And of course place some toys for your rabbit to play with (baby chains, wooden blocks, etc.)

Step 3: Adding the Final Touch

The final touch is obviously the cage itself. For this, we use the aforementioned X-Pen to wrap up the cage.

Now, your precious little rabbit has a home. It has a hay box to eat from, a litter box to litter in, some nice toys to play with and hiding houses to hide in because they are very shy and very adorable.

To conclude, we would like to offer a little last bit of advice. And that is, take care of your bunny. Take care of it and love it because it deserves all the love in the world.