How To Take Apart A Holmes Window Fan?

How To Take Apart A Holmes Window Fan

Setting a window fan in your home can make a big distinction in cost while you want to keep indoor air refreshing and cool. A window fan is a great cooling device that is less costly than an air conditioner.

Window fan helps circulate cooler air very easily and save you money during the hot summer days. It’s easy to install and operate and doesn’t require many tools to install it in a window frame.

There are many brands available in the market that manufacture window fans, but suggests you holmes window fans because this brand specially designed fans to fit almost all types of windows.

But remember, you should clean and servicing a window fan regularly to get more from it and for that reason sometimes you need to take apart the parts of a window fan.

In this tiny article, we’re going to tell you how to take apart a holmes window fan. It’s not a difficult work to do and you should know how to do it.

Step 1: Unplug The Holmes Window Fan From The Power Source

Don’t start your work until the fan unplugged from its electric power outlet. Always unplug the fan before removing it from the window. Otherwise, it will cause damage to your fan or your body can be electrified.

Step 2: Remove The Fan Out From The Window Frame

Find the locking tabs of the fan on the top and bottom and push it. Squeeze the extender panels unto the fan and take the fan out from the window.

Step 3: Unscrew The Fan

After take aside the fan from the window, the first thing you need to do is remove the screws. You will find several screws on the top, at the bottom, on the side and in the middle of holmes window fans.

You can use a Phillips-head screwdriver to it with more comfort.

Step 4: Separate The Grill Cover Of The Fan

Separate the grilles from the fan enough that you can get easy access to the fan blades. Do not do this work rudely or else damage can happen to the retaining clips.

Now, you have to do in order to get the grilles taken apart completely is to remove the retaining clips. And this is a difficult task because these clips are not meant to come out easily.

So what you like to do is, put a screwdriver underneath the clips and push the tab to out towards the top of the fan.

Repeat this work until the clip finally comes out.

Step 5: Finally, Take Out The Blades

Generally, holmes window fan blades attached to the machine with a single spring type thing that you can just remove with a screwdriver. You don’t need any extra tools to do this work.

Unscrew the spring of the blades with the screwdriver, remove it and your work is finished!

Final Words

Here we discussed shortly that how to take apart a holmes window fan easily. Hope this article will helpful for you as always to do your job.

Thanks for reading!