How to Take Care of Your Pole Saw?

How to Take Care of Your Pole Saw

There used to be a time when pruning had to be done completely manually. You would have to go get your ladder and saw, climb up to the level of the branch that needs pruning and laboriously go at it for some time before it was fully cut off.

Thanks to advancements in technology, we now have the pole saw, which allows the user to prune more efficiently while standing on the ground.

However, as miraculous as they are, pole saws need a degree of maintenance to ensure that the user gets a lengthy and effective service from it. Here, we’ll tell you how to take care of your pole saw.

What Is A Pole Saw?

A pole saw is, essentially, a saw at the end of a pole. This can be either a traditional saw or a chainsaw (the more ‘complicated’ of the two).

One of the main attractions of the pole saw is that it diminishes the need for a ladder, as a user can simply stand on the ground and prune any higher-up parts of a tree. The user manual of any brand of pole saw will provide you with ample tips about using and maintaining the machine, but here are some of the more essential ones.

How To Take Care Of Your Pole Saw?

It’s important to wipe off dirt and debris off of the blade and the rest of the machine after each use of your pole saw saws experts from For this, you could either use an oil-based cleaner or any regular all-purpose cleaner and a rag or a toothbrush.

Before you get to work with your pole saw, check to make sure that all the screws are properly tightened and that the chain itself is not too loose against the blade.

However, you should loosen the chain up a bit after use so that it has an easier time cooling down. Every few uses, you should sharpen the chain or blade (depending on the type of machine you own) of your pole saw.

How to Take Care of Your Pole Saw

Use a sharpening rod to sharpen between each pair of teeth on the blade or chain. You can mark the teeth using a marker pen to monitor your progress as the metal files away. To clean the chain of your pole saw, unscrew it from the machine’s body, soak it in a mixture of degreaser and water, then wipe off the dirt using a rag.

How you store your pole saw after each use is also a big part of its maintenance. Be sure to hold onto any casing or bag that the pole saw comes with. Choose an area in your home or workspace that is dry, cool, and well-ventilated.

This should also be an area you would not mind messing up a bit since the oil in an electric pole saw can leak out a little when not in use.


Depending on whether you are using an electric or gas-powered pole saw, your maintenance tasks will vary slightly. However, the above tips can help you ensure the smooth running of whichever type you own.

A pole saw can be your most useful and prized pruning companion if only you (the user) help it along a bit to keep it working as good as new for each use.