Plasma Cutter vs. Laser Cutter

Plasma Cutter vs. Laser Cutter

Two of the best machines for cutting materials are plasma cutter and laser cutter. But a debate always arises on which one is better than the other. Well, we will be providing a detailed comparison of the two. This will help you to decide which one is the best one for you.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Plasma Cutting

Not all metals can be cut using a flame. So, to solve that problem, researchers and engineers have developed a plasma cutter that would be able to slice up the metals with ease.Plasma Cutting

This machine is fitted with a cutting torch. From here, gas comes out at high speed, and a high number of electrons flow as well.

Due to this, powerful heat is generated, which then creates a cut in the metal. The gas is responsible for eliminating the molten component from the base of the area that has been cut.

Laser Cutting

It does not take much to figure out that this machine uses a laser to slice up materials. There is a tube through which the beam is passed, and then multiple numbers of mirrors reflect it to the head of the laser.

Laser Cutting

Now not all lasers can get the job done. This cutter uses a laser with high intensity to create a precise and proper cut. A lens at the back of the laser head is responsible for this. It directs the laser beam to the spot you want to engrave or cut.

A cut is made as to the laser burns or melts the section it touches. Only a high-powered laser can do this. The ones that use carbon dioxide can only be utilized for getting engravings done on metals.

The Differences between the Plasma Cutter and Laser Cutter

  • A laser cutter uses a powerful laser that is controlled with photosensitive light. But a plasma cutter expels gas to get the job done.
  • A laser can cut not only metals but also other materials such as plastic, paper, cork, wood, glass, marble, tile, stone, stainless steel, cardboard, and aluminum. Plasma cutters are specific to only metals.
  • Pricewise, lasers are far more expensive than plasma cutters. This is because of the lasers present in it. But since lasers are very precise, you would be able to use it to do more detail work.
  • You have to wear protective goggles and gloves when you are working with a plasma cutter as radiation is emitted from it. No radiation is discharged when using a laser cutter. But it is always better to have your safety gear on while working with an intense laser.
  • Even though laser cutters are great when you want more details in your work, a plasma cutter can slice through thicker metals and sheets.

Final Words

There is no definite answer if you ask us which one is better than the other. It really depends from person to person and on their preferences and needs. If you want precision and want to cut materials other than metal, then we’d advise you to choose a laser cutter.

If the budget is something that you have to consider, then pick a plasma cutter. Also, if you need to slice through very thick sheets of metal, you should use this machine.

What is important to consider is that the machine has to be of superior quality regardless of it being a plasma cutter or a laser cutter. You would be happier with the end result and will also get the job done more quickly.

Hope we could help you out with this detailed comparison! You can read the full post here.