Tile Saw vs. Tile Cutter

Tile Saw vs. Tile Cutter

Tile setting is a complicated and challenging task. You might not realize it when you look at your floor now. But once you have to do the task yourself, then the realization hits you about how daunting the job is. And without cutting the tiles, it is quite impossible to set them in place.

The job of tile cutting is quite easy if you choose the right tools for it. You have two options available. One is a tile cutter, and the other one is a wet tile saw. Both these tools are highly efficient and useful when it comes to setting up your tiles.

However, each has its own pros and cons. The tasks that they can perform best also differ to some extent. This article will help you to know when to use which tool through our elaborate guideline.

Prepare the Tiles and the Surface You Are Going to Set It On

In order to achieve the best results, you first need to prepare the floor or the wall that you are going to set the tiles upon. Make sure to scrap them well and get rid of all dirt. This will create a smooth surface and let you achieve your desired outcome. Moreover, the tiles will also adhere to the surface properly and have a longer lifespan.

Next, you need to properly measure the dimensions of the floor in order to determine the tile sizes that you will need for it. Without proper measurements, you can miscalculate your tile requirements, which will result in the loss of both time and money.

Prepare the Project Layout

If you want a special type of layout for your home, then it is highly recommended to plan it out first. If you have a suitable plan at hand, then set up the décor, and the tiles will be easier.

What Is a Tile Cutter?

A tile cutter is a small tool that is readily available in hardware stores. It is a cheaper alternative to tile saws. These look like a car jack and function in a manner similar to a nail clipper. You need to place it along with the marks of the tile that you want to cut and score it. And in this way, the cut marks will break off.

One problem you are going to face with a tile cutter is its lack of compatibility with glass tiles. You will also need some extra bit of patience in order to snap and score tiles with this tool. This is because it does not work as fast as a tile saw. And its finishing isn’t very smooth when it comes to cutting extremely hard tiles.

What Is a Tile Cutter

So why should you use a tile cutter? Well, this tool is quite handy and portable. You don’t need to be a master of tile cutting in order to use it. You can be an amateur and still work with ease using this tool. On top of this, a tile cutter is portable as well.

But keep in mind that tile cutters aren’t suitable for jobs that require irregular or curvy cuts. It is best suited for straight cuts. Also, make sure only to use a tile cutter when you are working with soft tiles. Harder tiles might break if you try too hard to cut it with a tile cutter.

What Is a Wet Tile Saw?

Wet saws are the best choice when it comes to cutting tiles in different shapes and sizes. Other than offering versatility, this tool also offers you flexibility and ease of operations.

You will be glad to know that you won’t have to toil manually in order to work with this machine as it runs using electricity. It has a blade coated with a diamond that is capable of cutting through the hardest of tiles.

These saws are equipped with water troughs. You need to fill it up with water, which is automatically sprayed on the tiles while it is being cut. This is done to prevent excess heating up of the tiles. It also offers the smoothness of operation.

What Is a Tile Saw

The cons of a tile cutter can be eliminated by using a wet saw. Once you have enough expertise using this machine, you can move on to make intricate cuts on a tile instead of just making straight lines. Moreover, you can even use it to cut glass tiles.

If you are planning to work on big scale projects, then without any doubt, you should choose a wet saw. This is because this saw offers greater precision and perfection. It works much faster than a tile cutter, which is manual. Therefore, your work gets done quickly.

The only cons of a wet saw are its size and mechanism of use. It has an overwhelming size that might intimidate new users. On top of this, using it is a bit technical towards the beginning. You need to practice hard to become skillful in making the perfect cuts. The harder you practice, the better you become.

The Comparison Between a Wet Saw and a Tile Cutter

The first thing you need to consider while choosing between these two different types of tools is your intent behind using it. If you are planning to work on a large-scale process for a long time, then you should go for a tile saw.

On the other hand, if you want to cut tiles temporarily as a simple repairing project for your washroom or kitchen floor, a tile cutter is the better choice for you.

Another aspect to consider is your budget. If you are low on budget, then it is recommended for you to buy a tile cutter. A tile saw is quite expensive and can only be afforded if one has a high budget.

Next comes the type of material the tile is made up of. If you are going to work on extremely hard tiles, like glass tiles, then you must use a wet saw. Using anything else other than this might destroy your tile. Tile cutters are more suitable for softer tiles.

Last but not least, if you are only looking for a tool to make straight cuts, then a tile cutter should be your first choice. And for intricate cuts, a wet saw is the best deal.


After reading this article, we hope that by now, you have a clear idea about the uses of each type of tool. This will help you to reach a conclusion on the highly debated tile cutter vs. tile saw issue. If you want to dig deeper and know more about tile saws, you can read the tile saw review post by SawReviewed.